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This site hosts projects based on the CDS Framework, which provides a tool set to rapidly develop and deploy scalable clinical decision support (CDS) services. The framework was developed by a multi-institutional collaboration of Public Health and IT experts and is utilized by multiple projects (see Solutions below).  The framework is under active development and we welcome new contributors and collaborators. Learn more about the CDS Framework.


The Immunization Calculation Engine (ICE) is an open-source immunization forecasting software system which integrates easily with other health information systems such as electronic health record systems (EHR-S) and immunization information systems (IIS). ICE evaluates a patient's immunization history and generates the appropriate immunization recommendations for the patient. If desired, CAT may be administered via the Clinical Decision Support Administration Tool (CAT).

SHARPS DS2 -- Decision Support for Data Segmentation -- is prototype software that utilizes OpenCDS, an open source Clinical Decision Support (CDS) framework, to identify and redact selected conditions from clinical summary documents in an HIE environment. The DS2 software includes a suite of related tools for creating, importing, and editing Continuity of Care (CCD) documents; testing redacted CCDs; and converting CCDs to Virtual Medical Record (vMR) format. The software also includes a web-based "inference analyzer" for visualizing the effectiveness and the impact of probabilistic redaction.