A simple application, called "ICE Client", has been created and made freely available so that anyone can submit sample patient data to the ICE Web Service and see the evaluations and recommendations that the ICE Web Service returns.

Accessing the ICE Client App 

Use the ICE Client App in your web-browser.

Purpose of the ICE Client App

Although this ICE Client application is available to the general public (including patients, parents, and providers), the primary purpose of this simple app is to make it easier for the owners and implementors of health information systems to test and/or integrate with the ICE Web Service. It is anticipated that ICE integrators will find this application useful because in addition to viewing the information in a human-readable user-friendly format, users may also run the app in "Debug" mode which will show the user both the raw input vMR that was generated by this simple application based on whatever patient data the user had entered, and the raw vMR output that was returned by the underlying ICE Web Service.

Tips for Using the ICE Client App