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Table of Contents

2/1/2022: Release v1.34.1

COVID-19 Update:

  • This release includes the following COVID-19 updates:
    • Added additional support and logic in ICE to handle the following:
      • Booster Dose Rules 
        • Updated booster dose recommended age to 12 years
        • Updated booster dose recommended interval to 5 months after completion of mRNA vaccine primary series. 
      • Additional Dose Rules 
        • Added support for additional dose for immunocompromised persons aged 5+
      • COVID-19 Vaccines Not Authorized by FDA Rules
        • Updated rules for Novavax (CVX 211) COVID-19 vaccine now that WHO has approved it for use under their EUL
        • Updated rules to accommodate the fact that patients who have not completed all recommended doses of a COVID-19 vaccine series not authorized by FDA, but approved by WHO, do not need to restart a primary vaccination series in the United States. 

12/22/2021: Release v1.33.1