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The ICE Vision

ICE and its related products are continually being maintained and enhanced. HLN is committed to improvements that allow us to fulfill our vision for these products, including:

  • Adherence to appropriate clinical guidelines (ACIP) 
  • Standards-based technical architecture and application programming interface (API)
  • Support for a growing range of relevant APIs for invoking and receiving responses from the ICE service, making it easy to integrate ICE with a wide variety of other systems
  • High performance and high scalability
  • Published knowledge base, including complete documentation of the ICE immunization schedule, ICE installation process, and ICE API(s)
  • Available under a standard permissive Open Source license
  • Use within both public sector and private sector systems
  • Tools that allow self-administration where practical

The ICE Roadmap

The modifications that have already been scheduled for inclusion in new releases of ICE in the near future are listed below. As additional modifications are scheduled they will be published on the Roadmap as well.


ACIP updates are ongoing. 

Ongoing CDSi Comparison and Analysis


ICE software and rules are continually updated throughout the year to comply with periodic changes in the ACIP guidelines.