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Live Vaccine Interval Rule

  • The Live Vaccine Interval rule (also referred to as the Live Virus rule) applies to all Zoster vaccines. For rule details, see the Live Vaccine Interval rule on the General ICE Rules page.

Select Adjuvant Product Interval

  • The Select Adjuvant Product Interval rule applies to CVX 187. For rule details, see the Select Adjuvant Product Interval rule on the General ICE Rules page.

Rules for Recommending at the CVX Code vs. Vaccine Group Level

  • When recommending Zoster, always recommend at the CVX level; vaccine recommended should be CVX 187.

Recommended Interval After Adult Varicella (CVX 21) Doses

  • If patient is administered adult varicella (CVX 21) doses, the minimum interval and recommended interval between the adult varicella (CVX 21) doses to Zoster is 8 weeks. 
    • Example:
      • Varicella (CVX 21) at 50 years, 1 month.
      • Varicella (CVX 21) at 50 years, 3 months. 
      • Recommend Zoster (CVX 187) at Varicella Dose 2 + recommended interval (8 weeks)

Zoster Vaccines

CVX Code


187Zoster recombinant
121Zoster vaccine, live
188Zoster vaccine, unspecified