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Rules Based on Patient's Age

  • If a patient is >= 18 19 years of age and did NOT receive a shot of Hep A, then the Recommendation is Conditional and the reason code is HIGH_RISK.
  • Shots administered to a patient who is >= 18¬†years 19 years of age will continue to be evaluated and, if valid, will count toward completion of the series.

Proof of Immunity Rules

  • If a patient has immunity (reported as having a positive titer or serology) vaccine is not recommended.
  • Any shot administered prior to the date of immunity is evaluated as Valid or Invalid, based on minimum age and minimum interval rules.
  • Any shot administered on or after the date of immunity is evaluated as Accepted with a reason code of PROOF_OF_IMMUNITY; Recommendation is Not Recommended and the reason code is PROOF_OF_IMMUNITY.