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CVX Code Specific Rules

CVX Code Absolute Minimum Age

  • If one of the CVX codes in the table above is administered below the absolute minimum age for that CVX code, then the Evaluation is Invalid and the reason code is BELOW_MINIMUM_AGE_VACCINE 

Rule for CVX 164 (Meningococcal B, NOS)  

  • CVX 164 (Meningococcal B, NOS) is not listed in the table above because it does not count toward the completion of the Meningococcal B series. CVX 164 is categorized in the "Other Vaccine Group". (Reference the General Rules for more details.) If CVX 164 is reported, then evaluate as NOT_EVALUATED and the reason code is VACCINE_NOT_SUPPORTED. Ignore the reported CVX 164 when determining the recommended vaccine and calculating the recommended due date for the next target dose.