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Series Special Rules 

4-dose Series Exception Rules

The 4-dose series above applies unless:

  • Series complete with 3 doses:
    • If all administered doses are IPVs (containing component CVX 10) or all administered doses are OPVs (containing component CVX 02 or CVX 182), and dose 3 was administered when the patient was >= 4 years and was administered at least 6 months - 4 days after the previous dose, then the series is complete with 3 doses.
  • For children who received target dose 4 at >= 8/7/2010 and before 4 years - 4 days of age, evaluate target dose 4 as Accepted/ BELOW_MINIMUM_AGE_FINAL_DOSE (if absolute minimum interval is met). (An additional dose will be recommended at >= 4 years of age).

OPV Rule

If a patient receives shots of OPV administered >= 4/1/2016, these shots do not count towards the series. Evaluate these shots as Invalid with reason code MISSING_ANTIGEN.