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Target Release TimeframeCategoryICE ModificationAdditional Information
OngoingACIP Updates

ACIP updates are ongoing. 

Ongoing CDSi Comparison and Analysis

ICE software and rules are continually updated throughout the year to comply with periodic changes in the ACIP guidelines.

December 2018ACIP UpdatesFull Support for HEPLISAV-BQ1 2019 TBDProductIterative Release with Support for Health, Age, Lifestyle, Occupation (HALO) Indicators
Q1 2019 TBDProductCDS Hooks for ICE
Q2 2019 TBDProductCAT Authoring Tool
TBD based on HL7 Ballot ApprovalProductFHIR Compatibility for ICE ServiceFHIR extended operation and use of FHIR resources as data structure (see draft specification).